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About Us

Wunder Hoof, Inc. is a Texas based, family owned and operated business. Wunder Hoof, (formerly known as the “White Medicine”) has been in our family for three generations. Wunder Hoof was created by my Granddad, a World Champion Racehorse trainer and Farrier in the early 1940’s.

The many benefits of Wunder Hoof were quickly evident, and due to the competitiveness of the Racehorse industry, the Wunder Hoof formula would be kept a secret. The Wunder Hoof secret formula was then passed on to my Dad, who for over 40 years also trained World Champion racehorses.

Over the years through word­ of mouth, more and more people began to ask about the White Medicine, and how they could get it. The demand became so great we were unable to continue to give it away to close friends for free; we gave it a name and began selling Wunder Hoof to the public.

For three generations our family has revolved around our love of horses and their well­being.We are proud to offer a high quality product that is affordable and truly beneficial to all horses and those who care for them!

Some Users of the Wunder Hoof Product!

  • Dr. Leon Self DVM, Wyan Dotte, OK
  • Dr. John McCarroll, DVM, Aubrey, TX
  • Dr. Robert Lewis, DVM Elgin, TX
  • Dr. Sam Crosby, DVM, Edmond, OK

Master Farriers:
  • Doyle Blagg, Master Farrier, Collinsville, TX
  • Keith Bolin, Master Farrier, Buena Park, CA
  • Les Nichols, Master Farrier, Ruidoso, NM

Owner / Trainers:
  • Ted Turner, World Champion Halter Horses, Aubrey, TX
  • Chip Knost, World Champion Halter Horses, Aubrey, TX
  • Lynn Simon, World Champion Paint Horses, Pilot Point, TX
  • Dave Page, World Champion Halter Horses, Aubrey, TX
  • Jerry Whittle, Jr., Champion Quarter Horses, Aubrey, TX
  • Cash Asmussen, Laredo TX
  • Mike Shannon, Lexington, KY
  • Matlock Rose, Canton, TX
  • C. W. “Bubba” Cascio, Tolar, TX
  • Ross Rourke, Collinsville, TX

Thoroughbred Horse Farms:
  • Spendthrift Farm, Lexington, KY
  • Taylor Made Farm, Lexington, KY


  • “We LOVE your product!! We have a large Equestrian Facility on grounds at the Phoenix Zoo that holds 23 head of Equine including 6 Draft Horses. We had a Percheron Draft that came in to us a somewhat a rescue, the poor guy had a really bad case of White Line Disease. Once we got the White line under control, we were having the issue of him just not growing enough hoof to keep him sound. With his weight of being a Draft working against us and not

    Becky Manning
    Equine/Farm Manager, Phoenix Zoo
  • Pictures above: I purchased a gelding that had a bad quarter crack on the inside of the left front hoof. From the bottom of the heel, the crack extended the full length of the hoof and in to the coronet band. When his metal shoe was removed, I found the crack was the width of the shoe, as well! My farrier,Mike Loveland (Albion, MI) created a special shoe for my gelding’s foot; in addition I started using Wunder Hoof. We began the process at the end of March,

    Diane Miller
    Windkist Acres~~* Olivet, MI
  • Here is a photo recap of where we started ten months ago using Wunder Hoof, as you can see a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s the best testimonial I could ever offer. Wunder Hoof has really helped grow this new hoof since it has never grown like this in the eight previous years. Wunder Hoof increased blood flow to the toe and helped re­grow that portion of the hoof where the blood flow was restricted at the cornet band due to the rotation of the coffin bone. We will continue to use Wunder Hoof at our Ranch!

    Gene Baron­, firePoweredJet.jpg