Wunder Hoof is made of essential oils, including kokum butter, camphor and eucalyptus and is free of irritating ingredients and will not cause blistering. Wunder Hoof DOES NOT contain irritating ingredients such as turpentine, iodine, pine tar or petroleum.

Our product is unique because it is made up of our secret recipe of natural ingredients, and is able to promote both hoof growth and conditioning all while being an affordable option for equine hoof care. Wunder Hoof is an honest product, promising no miracles, but providing actual and obtainable results, making Wunder Hoof the product with staying power.

All Natural Wunder Hoof is unlike any other hoof care product on the market and is made of 100% all natural ingredients It is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin, naturally stimulating hoof growth and improving the overall condition of the hoof. Wunder Hoof’s pain relieving and anti-bacterial quality promotes healing and improves soundness to the hooves. Wunder Hoof is free from irritating ingredients and will not cause blistering.