How to Use

Massage Wunder Hoof directly into the coronet band, one inch above and below the hairline completely around the hoof, including the bulbs of the heel. Wunder Hoof may also be applied to the sole of the hoof and the hoof wall as well. Apply Wunder Hoof by hand or brush, once a day or as needed. If applied once daily, Wunder Hoof will naturally improve the overall condition of the hoof and increase growth rate by more than 50%!

Applying the product one inch above and below the coronary band (hairline) creates a  vasodilation effect, increasing blood flow to the hoof without the irritation and pain of a blister.  This action improves circulation in the hoof allowing the rate of growth to increase and returning the natural moisture balance to the foot.  

Using Wunder Hoof as directed can lead to the following benefits:

  • Speed recovery following hoof resection due to Laminitis or White Line Disease
  • Speeds healing of Quarter Cracks
  • Stops flaking of coronary band
  • Aids in treating contracted heels, dry cracked hooves and scratches
  • Builds thicker walls
  • Promotes hair growth and diminishes appearance of scars
  • Will not blister (use as directed)

If coronary bands are beginning to turn white at the hairline, this is normal and is proof that Wunder Hoof is working!