Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Wunder Hoof Different From The Competition?

Wunder Hoof is the only topical All Natural Growth Stimulant & Hoof Conditioner on the market treating injuries or horse hoof disorders. Wunder Hoof’s All Natural ingredients work to improve blood circulation to the hoof, stimulating growth and promoting natural healthy conditioning to the hoof. Wunder Hoof is free from irritating ingredients such as turpentine, iodine, pine tar, petroleum and alcohol. These ingredients can cause drying, inhibit growth and cause blistering.

Can Wunder Hoof Help My Laminitic Or Foundered Horse?

In many cases we are able to help, however Laminitis is such a complex problem there are several questions that must first be answered. This is why we encourage people to contact us so we may gather information about their horse, and determine the extent to which we will be able to help.

How Often Should I Apply Wunder Hoof?

Wunder Hoof should be applied once daily. Thoroughly massage Wunder Hoof one inch above and below the coronet band including the bulbs of the heel. Of course the application process and number of treatments can change depending on the problem being treated. Wunder Hoof can be used on an “as needed” basis. Once you have achieved optimum results you may discontinue use, and begin treatment again if needed.

Can I Apply Wunder Hoof To The Sole Of My Horse’s Hoof?

Wunder Hoof can either be massaged into the sole or heated to be used as a hoof soak.  The soaking process promotes maximum absorption increasing the intensity of the treatment, providing relief to painful soles and much more.

Is It True That Wunder Hoof Can Help With Skin Problems And Even Saddle Sores?

Wunder Hoof promotes hair growth and diminishes the appearance of scars and can speed the healing of dried scabs, scrapes and sores. Wunder Hoof is not indicated for open wounds or proud flesh. Wunder Hoof also helps with itchy tails, and mild skin problems.